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55 A Balancing Act: Work and School

There is nothing easy about working full-time while completing a Masters degree in Library Science. Hear Patrick Taylor share his story.

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Michigan school libraries are still in limbo.  Why?

Patrick Taylor’s YouTube channel

School of Information Sciences at Wayne State University

FAQs for Experimental School Library Media Specialist Program

Libraries 2020: It’s No Coincidence

Twitter: @takeupthemantle

Instagram: @gvtaylorp.reads

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5 Book Snob: Guilty as charged

Join me as I wrestle with the contentious topic of book snobbery in the library.  Aren’t we trained to be selective and judicious in how we spend our limited funding?  On the other hand, we are responsible for servicing all our students’ reading interests – not just the ones we deem worthy.  And why all our collections should have a dessert section for our students.  

How to weed by the numbers

Book Warden slide on Twitter

Books Between Podcast with Corrina Allen

The Nutritional Value of Dessert Books


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4 Book Warden – Truth Hurts

Join me as I delve into the thorny topic of the role school librarians play as “Book Wardens” with our checkout policies and students’ book choices.  Can our decisions be justified and are our interactions with students reasonable when it comes to book choices?

Bookriot.com “Librarians must weed their book collection” by Sarah Ullery

Bookriot.com “The House with a Clock in its Walls: Read it, then watch it” by Sarah Ullery

Book Warden slide on Twitter

From Striving to Thriving: How to Grow Capable, Confident Readers By Annie Ward and Stephanie Harvey

Books Between Podcast hosted by Corrina Allen

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