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10 Leveled Books: A Necessary Evil

Join me as I contemplate how school librarians address the issue of leveled books both in our own libraries and classroom libraries.  How do we support our students who have learned to look for levels on the books they read and why we need to empower students to find books which they find both manageable and interesting.  

Research Like a Librarian

Jim Bailey’s article (August 2018) for the Nerdy Book Club

Fountas and Pinnell: A Note about Reading Levels

SJL interview with F & P

SJL: Thinking outside the bin (August 2017) by Kiera Parrott

Episode #84 How to stop killing the love of reading

Episode #107: What are the best ways to use leveled texts

Pernille Ripp’s After Accelerated Reader

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9 Got Assistants? Consider Yourself Lucky

Join me as I consider the use of parent and student volunteers as well as district employees as assistants in my libraries. Also in today’s episode: Dwarsliggers and the Awful Library Book Ladies!

2011 Guardian article

Flipbackbook website

NYT: Tiny Books October 30, 2018

Awful Library Books with Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner

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6 Classroom Libraries…Rivals or Partners???

Join me as I delve into the divisive issue of classroom libraries and our role in supporting them as school librarians.  Challenge the recommendations for teachers in creating a library of their own.  Recognize the struggle for school funding and how librarians and teachers can team up to support our shared goal of growing readers. 

Colby Sharp’s classroom tour

NTCE’s Statement on classroom libraries

Scholastic’s The 11 Essentials for an Effective classroom library

Love them or hate them

Pernille Ripps’ Questions to Assess our Classroom Library Before Back-to-School

Jim Bailey’s A classroom library: If you build it, they will read


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