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46 Littles in Our Libraries

Learn strategies and find lots of resources you can use with your youngest patrons! Amanda Johnson shares her techniques for working with Littles everyday.  

I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at Hooksounds.com for the music you’ve heard today.  

KQ: 12 (Mostly cheap) Teacher Tricks that Work in an Elementary Library (Kelly Hincks)

Animals can’t check books out of the library (Google Slides)

Episode 46 At-a-Glance resource page

Surf Seats

www.fallingacornsmightyoaks.com (personal blog site, lots of library related resources including Follett Destiny tutorials, some crafting)



Ten Minute Teacher Podcast Episode 493:  How to Set Goals for Your Library This Summer– 

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32 45 Minutes Feels Like FOREVER!!!

What do you do when checkout has ended but the classes keep coming to the library?  Consider the suggestions and visit the attached resources which you can use today to make these last visits to the library meaningful and fun for everyone!

I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at Hooksounds.com for the music you’ve heard today.  

Donalyn Miller: The Key to Summer Reading

At-A-Glance Ideas for 45 minute classes

Go Noodle Go Summer

YouTube: Storytime with Ryan and Craig

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22 Dr. Seuss

Where does Dr. Seuss fit in our collection today?  Join me as I wrestle with the contentious issue of racist and xenophobic art by a much loved children’s author.


I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at Hooksounds.com for the music you’ve heard today.  


Kindergarten: Story time: (“other stories” in The Sneeches” Too many Daves, What was I scared of?

Tables: coloring “His real name was…”

1st Grade:  Story time: (“other stories” in Yertle the Turtle)  Gertrude McFuzz

Tables: coloring “he wrote 44 books…”

YouTube’s vancemo’s “Books to Music” playlist of 36 Dr. Seuss books set to ukulele music


Brain Pickings: The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

SJL: New Study of Racism and Dr. Seuss

SJL: Is the Cat in the Hat Racist?

The Dark Side of Dr. Seuss

USA Today: Are Dr. Seuss’ Books Racist?

USA Today: The Debate over Dr. Seuss

The Connection between Dr. Seuss, Rosetta Stone and Theo Le Sieg

NYT’s Thing Three: Dr. Seuss, Rap and Racism?

Twitter: Racist depictions of Indigenious people by Dr. Seuss

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14 The Holidays In Your Library

Join me as I address how the Holidays impact our library program.  While our libraries cannot escape the craziness and disruption of our routines, we can embrace the chaos and have some fun along the way.  Happy New Year!

Christmas Dance party  

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10 Leveled Books: A Necessary Evil

Join me as I contemplate how school librarians address the issue of leveled books both in our own libraries and classroom libraries.  How do we support our students who have learned to look for levels on the books they read and why we need to empower students to find books which they find both manageable and interesting.  

Research Like a Librarian

Jim Bailey’s article (August 2018) for the Nerdy Book Club

Fountas and Pinnell: A Note about Reading Levels

SJL interview with F & P

SJL: Thinking outside the bin (August 2017) by Kiera Parrott

Episode #84 How to stop killing the love of reading

Episode #107: What are the best ways to use leveled texts

Pernille Ripp’s After Accelerated Reader

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